1978          John and Bess Poynor

1979          John Cob Fields

1980          Mark Holly

1981          Jack and Dovie Reece

1982          Roy and Minnie Wilson

1983          John Arney and Geraldine Duncan

1984          Cleve Miller and Carrie Edwards

1985          Floyd Barnes and Lottie Cooper

1986          Claude 'Jr.' Wetzel and Lola Gray

1987          Fon Turney and Dorothy Myrick

1988          Dave and Alene Womack

1989          Carson and Jane Blecha

1990          Sheridan and Myrna Creason

1991          Bob and Bertha Nichols

1992          Leroy Hinton and Opal Pyles

1993          Nathan Kuntz and Rosalee Brown

1994          Leon and Mildred 'Frostie' Easter

1995          Vadis and Lavern Shields

1996          Junior Miller and Velva Kropp

1997          Frank and Wilma McKee

1998          W.D. and Martha Graves

1999          Leland and Bonnie Stanford

                  Wayne and Loretta Baker

2000          Jim and Darlene Leas

2001          Floyd and Hazel Pramberg

2002          John and Shirley Vaughn

2003          Dick and Lottie Duncan

2004          Duwayne and Ivalou Womack

2005          Charles and Judy Wolf

2006          Jim and Jeannette Easter

2007          Kenneth Sterner and Betty Dixon

2008          Bob and Barbara McGhee

2009          Don and Janet Chaney

2010          Larry and Mary Shields

2011          Harley Smith and Ruby Wetzel

2012          Bob and Janet Williams

2013          Dee and Inez Crittenden

2014          Helen Robertson and Walt Nielson

2015          Everette and Alice Holly

2016          Tom and Sue Cone


2018          Dan and Lois Frye

History Of Past Honorees